Go beyond clinic software - NetCMS lets automate the work of one person at your practice or hospital. Simplify scheduling and patient registration; create medical records your way, and spend less time on medical billing.

Our system allows you to intelligently manage your practice or clinic and empower small & medium clinic owners to dream big

  • Highly Customisable.
  • Dynamic Reporting.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Strong security.
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Personnel Management

No more mountains of paper! NetCMS allows you to streamline your employee management and help your organization thrive. Features include:

  • Personnel Bio data
  • Hospital/Clinic chain Management
  • Staff specializtions
  • Fees Management
  • Attendance management
  • User Management

Patient Management

Easily & securely access patient data on the cloud, anywhere, anytime including medical history and forms

  • Booking & Scheduling
  • Medical History
  • Lab Requests
  • Scans & results upload
  • Prescription Management
  • Medical Summaries
  • Policy Holder details
  • Patient cover types
  • Patient categories

Pharmacy Management

Manage inventory with complete visibility of existing inventory levels without worrying about supply levels. Whether your needs are ambulatory or retail pharmacy, you can customize the inventory management system depending on your needs. Keep your medication records always in check with a simplified and privacy-enabled Inventory Management System that protects your clinic from any interruptions

  • Stock & batch management.
  • Run stock takes and track variance.
  • Formulation and price monitoring.

Laboratory Management

NetCMS allows you to seamlessly manage laboratory test requests and results while letting you focus on your work to enable efficient management of patient care.

  • Share lab reports with context.
  • Investigation methods.
  • Test categories.
  • Reduce paperwork and save time.