HR Outsourcing

As your company grows, business logistics also grow in size and complexity, organisations can off load non-core business like HR, Payroll and accounting. Our Perpay payroll services offer cloud-based payroll solutions for small, medium and large organizations

We offer efficient, Secure, cost effective and adaptive payroll service that is modelled to suit all organization in all sectors by outsourcing the processing to Netcom or Software as a service (SAAS)

  • Out sourcing - Organization can outsource whole or partial payroll services to Netcom. Whole payroll outsourcing offers monthly payroll changes, run payroll, pay staff net salary, file and pay statutory deductions and other third party payments. For partial payroll services, Netcom processes payroll and forwards the payroll reports to client for payments processing
  • Software as a service (SAAS) – Netcom provides a platform on the Perpay Payroll cloud system and clients run their payroll with little or no support from Netcom
  • The above comes with Employees Master Records, Payroll Management, Leave Management and Time & Attendance Module (optional)

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Initial payroll set-up • Automated payment/earnings and deductions calculation
  • Payroll tax payment and filing to government agencies
  • Direct payment of net salaries to banks and other payment system e.g. mobile money
  • Multiple pay schedules and pay period – suitable for casual and parttime staff
  • Employees Self services – view pay slip, apply and approval for advances and allowance
  • Get more done with our best-in-class integrations, built-in HR, and benefits.
  • Generation of monthly and annual payroll reports
  • Payment distribution to your employee and remittance of other
  • Generation and distribution of pay slips to staff members through email and also access through ESS portal
  • We also facilitate Company and employee registration with tax and statutory authoritie