About Us


Our Vision

To be an ICT business solution provider of choice with satisfied customers

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality and competitive business solutions through ICT by motivated and dedicated staff at environment where work is interesting

Our Core Values

Team work

We shall work as a team and in partnership with our stakeholders.


We are committed to excellence and to exceeding expectations in all our actions and interactions.

Business ethics

We shall comply with all applicable laws wherever we do business.


We shall be sincere, trustworthy, reliable, ethical and treat each other with respect.


We shall uphold fairness and human face in all our actions and decisions.


Netcom is managed by a Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Consultants who together form a management team. Netcom has a number of large corporate clients and therefore has in place a succession plan that ensures that there is an adequate resource pool to serve Netcom clients. This plan comprises of Managing Director, Senior Consultants and Consultants who are all knowledgeable and experienced in Netcom’s line of business.


Netcom Information Systems Limited

Your Trusted Partner in Information and Communication Technologies Projects