This Section provides information on the flexibility of PERPAY customization and addresses some frequently asked questions about PERPAY.

Operating System Support.

  • Yes – PERPAY is designed using open technology architecture and can run on most of Operating systems. It runs on Win 2000/2003/2008 server, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, and can communicate with clients running OS such as Windows, Mac, and UNIX/Linux.

Multi-user capability: with many users logging in at the same time (Network operating systems, Database operating systems).

  • Yes – PERPAY is designed using Oracle Client/Server, Three tier technology. It has a capability of communicating with many concurrent users limited by the Vendor license agreements.

Installation, Customization and Testing of the system.

  • Yes- PERPAY is easy to install and implement.
  • Customization- PERPAY is designed and developed by Kenyans with wide experience in HR and Payroll. This makes the application suitable for most of organizations in Kenya. This makes customization easy to implement.
  • Test-Test procedures will be developed by CSRS with assistance from Netcom. These tests will be used by both parties to test the system.

Provide source Code and detailed documentation of the software.

  • Yes –Source Code- We provide source code where required after the signing of license agreement.
  • Detailed Operational and Maintenance Manuals.
  •  Documentation – We provide a System Manual detailing design specification.Yes comprehensive users’ guide and System Manual detailing design specification is provided.

Training Operators on site on daily operations of the system.

  • Yes- We normally undertake to train up to 16 PERPAY users, six (6) from Payroll and ten (10) varies department of HR.

Training at IT staff on management and maintenance of the software.

  • Yes-We normally undertake to train as required by the client PERPAY Administrators on the technology and application of PERPAY.

Notify when new updates are developed.

  • Yes – We notify all our clients of any new update releases .Clients on software license agreement with us will receive such updates free of charge.

Comprehensive access security to system.

  •  Yes- The system offers three levels of access control, the OS, Oracle and Application level. At the application level, Depending on the organization’s requirement, various roles and privileges may be set.

Capable of running a huge payroll.

  • Yes – PERPAY can run a huge Payroll. Limited only by the hardware platform capabilities.

User friendly with on-line help.

  • Yes- PERPAY is developed with Kenyan users in Mind, Staff with very little exposure to computers; it is therefore very user friendly and has on-line help.

Audit trail to show what modifications have been made when and by whom.

  • Yes – HR and Payroll is a very sensitive matter in an organization. It is, therefore of prime importance to keep an Audit trail. PERPAY offers a comprehensive Audit Trail both at Oracle level and Application. Any sensitive change is recorded and shows what modification has been made, date and time it was made, Person making such changes and the workstation used to make such changes.

Capable of interfacing with the popular spreadsheets for production of ad hoc reports.

  •  Yes – PERPAY interfaces with most of Microsoft products. PERPAY has been linked to Oracle Browser for ad hoc reports. Comprehensive reporting, which may include Graphics may be obtained from Oracle report writer.

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