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The PERPAY Human Resource and Payroll System is a fully web based system, developed purposely to cater for the Kenyan and Eastern Africa(Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Southern Sudan and Burundi ) market and is rich in functionality, cost effective, reliable and above all proven. It is highly parameterized and can be easily integrated with applications such as financial systems, banking salary systems and HR systems. The System can support a multi-company, multi-currency and Multi-country workforce, as well as, cater for an unlimited number of organization levels. Perpay offers user-friendly functionality for the payment and handling of salaries, overtime and deductions, fringe benefits, and company pension contributions. Data input can be customized so that any financial and statistical information is easily tracked and queried

Payroll Main Features

  • Employee Self Service Portal (Accessible via Common Browser and Mobile Devices)
  • Multi User
  • Multi-Currency capable
  • Multiple Employee Accounts, includes Banks and Branches setups
  • User Definable Payroll Transactions. Allowance, Benefits (Cash and Non Cash), Contributions and Deductions
  • Loan management and Administration processing
  • Pension Management and Administration
  • Salary Increment Management
  • Fringe Benefit and Low Interest Benefit Management
  • Mass Loading of data from external sources i.e. excel or comma delimited files
  • Maker-Checker Security feature
  • Mortgage, Insurance, HOSP (Home Owners Saving Plan) Relief capable
  • Tax Exemption Capabilities (Withholding Tax and Persons of Disability)
  • Paypoint and Cost Centers
  • Parameterized and easily customizable statutory deductions (P.A.Y.E, NSSF, NHIF)
  • Salary to bank interface files
  • Contains all Monthly, Quarterly and Annual returns to Tax Authorities
    • P9 tax Card
    • P10 monthly return
    • P10d Quarterly Return
  • Standard Payroll Reporting
    • Audit Report
    • Payslip – Also available on email
    • Monthly Company Proof sheet
    • Company and Employee Payroll Journals
    • Monthly Payroll Reconciliation Report
    • Monthly Payroll extract (To excel or other formats)
    • Earnings and Deductions reports
    • NSSF, NHIF and HELB extracts
    • 1/3 (Third) Basic Salary to Net Pay report
    • And many more reports.

Leave Management Main Features

  • Accrued (Monthly) or Annual Balance Capable
  • Auto Generated Leave Balances
  • Dynamic Leave type setups, user defined leave types (i.e. Annual study compassionate etc.)
  • User Defined Leave Policy i.e. Anniversary Month, Forfeiture Month, Leave Pay calculation
  • Employee Leave Categories, define your own categories i.e. Management, Officers, Clerks etc.
  • User Defined Leave Entitlements
  • Defined which days to Skip (Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)
  • Leave Type Application restriction from self-service i.e. Sick Leave, Study Leave only accessible to HR
  • User Defined Leave Recommenders and Approvers
  • Holiday Setups
  • Leave Groups, combine a group of employees who cannot be on Leave at the same time
  • Leave Scheduling
  • Leave Balance Adjustment by Leave Administrators Only
  • Leave Register, Chronological account of leave balance Movement
  • Leave Addresses
  • User defined Leave Application Process i.e. Application Recommendation  Approval or Application Approval
  • Email Notifications
  • Leave Applications Escalation
  • Checks for Leave Overdraw, Leave Overlaps and Date selection i.e. cannot select restricted days (Sundays or Holidays) as Start/Return dates
  • Duo-Leave days Calculations, Enter Start Date and End Date get Days requested or Enter Start Date and Days requested to get Return Date
  • Leave Recalls/Return, the leave returns is automated
  • Vast Array of Leave Reports
    • Per Department
    • Per Employee
  • Leave Analysis Report (Employee, BF Days, Entitlement, Days Taken, Days Adjusted, Leave Accrued, Year Balance)
  • Leave Statuses

Benefits of Perpay System

Perpay System brings with it years of experience and a team ready to support our clients whenever needed. We value our clients and ensure an ease of transition into full use of the system. Some of the benefits of using perpay are:

  • Locally developed and Owned by Netcom Information Systems, so we can customize, adjust to clients’ needs fast and easily
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Support is available when needed, on phone, email and on premise
  • SLA is signed to ensure timely and effective support
  • Vast experience on Payrolls
  • Comprehensive Training of the System
  • Accessible on offline or Online Mode
  • Above all a friendly support team ready to help out at anytime

Other Modules

  • Organization structure module
  • Leave and Absence mgt
  • Job Analysis
  • Establishment Control/ Manpower Planning
  • Payroll
  • Employee Master Details
  • Payroll management and administration
  • Training module
  • Recruitment module
  • System Administration and security module
  • Performance management
  • Disciplinary and grievance management
  • Employee self-service module
  • Employee Loan Management

For more information visit our PERPAY FAQ page

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