Human Resource Services


For organization to remain competitive, itshuman capital must be right and optimized. Because of the dynamics of humancapital management, an organization may not have all that is required tomaintain an effective workforce. Netcom Information System HR consulting offersset of human resource services by a team of experts with deep understanding ofvarious market sectors in Human capital management.

Netcom offers a cost effective, tailoredHuman Resources outsourcing service, which not only helps your organisation savemoney by relieving you of the issues and costs associated with having a large in-houseHR team. It also gives personal access to senior HR specialists and up-to-dateindependent advice and service, whenever you need it.

The services provided includes

  • Payroll Administration
  • Optimum Employee Benefitsmanagement
  • Recruitment services
  • HR policies and handbook development.
  • Risk Management: Disputeresolution, safety inspection, office policies and handbooks.
  • Effective talent management -ensureorganization has the people they need – now and in the future to execute thebusiness strategy and leaders who can drive success in the organizations’unique context and culture
  • Organization restructuring - withoverall goal of improving the effectiveness of business through matching theneeds of individual employees with organisational goals
  • Job Analysis and JobDescriptions- The foundation of every employment decision begins with jobanalysis and the development of job descriptions. Job analysis identifies thepurpose and responsibilities of a job, along with the tasks, methods,relationship to other jobs, and job qualifications. This will lead to effectiveselection, training, performance appraisal, and compensation.

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