Performance Management


Performance Management (PM) includes activitiesthat ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficientmanner. Netcom Information Systems Limited providesthe avenue for translating a company's strategy into measurable targets andmonitoring and evaluating how it is doing.

Performance Management Services use a balanced scorecard model to help you connect institutional goals to key performance indicators within your department or across your institution - closing the loop between strategy and execution. Through carefully managed discovery process and subsequent engagements that uncover the benchmarks and metrics most critical to your success, we help you establish a foundation to drive performance.

Performance Management Services can help you:

  • Identify gaps betweencurrent and desired levels of performance
  • Align outcomes withinstitutional mission, values, and vision
  • Develop key performanceindicators, by department or across your institution
  • Document outcomes andbenefits
  • Improve accountabilityand transparency

Performance Management Documentation

Netcom's Performance Management Software

The big challenges of following this strategy are identifying the real performers, provide a competitive compensation to retain & motivate them and improve employee skills & competencies to maintain the business competitiveness. The NIS Performance Management System helps track performance of every employee. The NIS Performance Management System is an integrated web-based tool to improve organizational performance by setting SMART Goals for employee, evaluating employee performance, recommending highly competitive compensation and development plans

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